Communications Manager

The Ontario Environment Network is looking to hire a Communications Manager!

The employee will assist the Board in delivering communications with OEN members and the public, as well as providing recommendations about improved member management, member communications, and public outreach, in order to increase engagement and collaboration among OEN members, raise the profile of the OEN and its member groups, and encourage membership in the OEN and its activities.

Description of Role

Key tasks will involve assembling information on environmental issues or activities, helping the Board craft messages, and sending correspondence in e-mails, newsletters, and digital media such as via the OEN blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Key tasks will also include maintaining OEN contact lists; identifying organizations that are candidates for OEN membership, especially those representing diverse communities; outreach to OEN members to ascertain interest in OEN regional sub-networks; and developing a list of media contacts for OEN publicity.

Key skills needed include:

Client Services      The successful applicant will be in a role representing the Ontario Environment Network. As such, the successful applicant must represent the Network and respond to questions from those with who they come in contact in a professional manner.

Teamwork    The successful applicant will be exposed to the teamwork approach used by the Network. While reporting directly to one person, as well as working remotely during the pandemic, they should be adept at handling input from members of the Board, Network members they may contact, and others.

Communication and Digital Skills    The successful applicant should have solid oral and written skills as well as experience with database management and internet research skills. Examples of where these skills will apply include managing both member lists and broader communications lists; member retention and recruitment, and the use of social media platforms by the Network. The successful applicant will be expected to provide recommendations to the Network, with and detailed instructions on how the recommendations would be implemented by paid staff and/or volunteers.

Diversity: OEN encourages diversity within the environmental community and and welcomes all applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Location: Due to the pandemic, the position will be delivered remotely. Should few face-to-face meetings be desired and possible, they will be held in a public location such as a library or other suitable large space, preferably but not necessarily in the federal riding associated with the grant application.

Rate:  $14.25 / Hr; 35 Hrs per week

Term:  Eight (8) weeks from about September 27

How to apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to requesting a read receipt, no later than August 27. Due to our work load, our response may be limited to that read receipt.