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Member Engagement Committees:

If you wish to join a committee, please contact us: oen (at) oen.ca

In June of 2020, the OEN Board approved the creation of three Board Committees and three member engagement committees . Board committees will help manage the OEN. Member Engagement Committees are designed to address broad issues while being able to respond to emerging concerns. All committees are described below, and you can access more about the Member Engagement Committees through the links above.    

The Board committees, designed to improve OEN board collaboration, skills development, and organizational effectiveness, are Administration, Communications, and Funding. Board committees will be chaired by a board member. OEN members seeking to participate, especially those thinking about joining the board in the future, are asked to contact us via oen at oen.ca.

Member Engagement Committees are Biodiversity, Land Use Planning, and Conservation, which will address energy, materials, chemicals, and public health.

Member Engagement Committees are designed to have a Board member as a co-chair and a second co-chair not on the Board.

The Board will be working to submit a policies and procedures manual on the committees and other aspects of organizational management to the next Annual General Meeting.

It is anticipated that, at that time, the OEN will shift away from an historic focus on caucuses to a more fluid set of committees and short-term work groups.