From: "Eko Breg"
Subject: NGO EkoBreg-Vrsac
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:10:38 +0200

Dear friends from Canada,

We are EkoBreg from Vrsac, one of the leading ecological organisations in Serbia and Montenegro. We are intensively working on preservation of the environment in our region. You can find more information about us on

We have good relations with ecological organizations from all around the world and we would like to make friends with you too. We hope that you will respond and that after our educational center is finished you will accept our invitation and be our guests.

Until then we would like to stay in touch so we could find out more about eachother, exchange experiences and help raise the ecological awareness of young people to a higher level.

Kind regards,

Dragan Sajic,
president of EkoBreg