Why you should join the OEN - Member Benefits


Don't miss out! The Ontario Environnment Network brings together environmental groups from across Ontario rogether to discuss issues of common interest, share resources and information. For a low fee your group can benefit from the below services and more! > Join Now

1.  OEN Community Forum:  Communicate and collaborate. OEN members can access this private social networking platform. Members can join or create private groups; Share and store files in the library; Participate in interactive discussions. 

2. Reference and Referral Services
Each year the OEN fields hundreds of environmentally-related inquiries from media, members of the public, government, and others, and re-directs these information requests to environmental groups. Putting people in touch with environmental groups raises the profile of organizations and encourages active support through donations of time and money. Linking concerned individuals to active organizations also increases understanding of environmental problems and solutions.

3. Delegate Selection
The OEN is called upon by both the private and public sectors to identify delegates representing the  environmental non-profit sector to participate in consultations or on advisory committees. A Delegate Selection Committee reviews each consultation request and selects from applicants from our Member organizations. Likewise, OEN Member groups are also members of the Canadian Environmental Network. Members of paid OEN member groups are eligible for delegate selection processes at the national level.  

4. Member Discounts on Goods and Services
The OEN is pleased to offer discounted rates to OEN members on the following:

Group Insurance Rates - OEN member groups can join the Canadian Environment and Nature Group insurance plan offered through LMS Prolink Limited. The plan is a bundle of low cost insurance products including Director's and Officers Liability, General Liability, and Employee Benefits packages for groups with one or more employees. The plan is designed to meet the needs of non-profit environmental groups, including unincorporated groups. 

6. Postings in our Monthly Newsletter: Action Alerts, Events, News, Resources, etc
The OEN creates a monthly newsletter which is sent by e-mail to our members and subscribers. We make a special effort to include and highlight submissions and requests from our member organizations in these e-mail publications.
We host information on our Announcements page which is then circulated by e-mail. Submissions must be in an electronic format. 

7. Mailing Lists and Labels
OEN members can request a specific e-mail blast.  We can target groups which have a specific issue interest, location (municipality, region, postal code, etc.) 
Additionally, mailing labels can be tailored to send information to environmental groups that are active in specific issues (e.g. land use, forestry, health, biotechnology) or active in a specific geographic area. Lists and labels can be used to promote events or resources. A full set of labels (~ 700 groups) and tailored labels/lists are available to OEN members at a reduced cost. At least seven days notice is required for generating lists or labels.

8. Other Benefits
Your membership in the OEN also includes:

  1. $20 discount on membership in the Canadian Environmental Network
  2. Listing in our on-line directory of Ontario environmental groups
  3. Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting and the right to run for election for our Steering Committee
  4. Reduced conference fees 
  5. If you have a YouTube Channel, we will subscribe to it, as well as highlight your Facebook page. 

Subscriber Services - Organizations:
1. Postings in our Weekly E-Bulletin: Action Alerts, Events, News, Resources, etc - per the above
2. Receive all other correspondence prepared by the Ontario Environment Network.

Subscriber Services - Individuals:
1. Receive all other correspondence prepared by the Ontario Environment Network. 

For more information regarding the above services or to check the membership status of your group, contact us.

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